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  • Gethsemane Christian Discipleship Church makes Kingdom Building Christian Disciples through loving God with everything we are and have, and loving our neighbors the same way. 

  • We train and equip every GCDC Disciple to love, assist, equip, train, support and encourage each other in living out the 5 Stones to be Spiritually Mature, Emotionally Healthy, Financially Wise, Physically Fit, and Relationally Connected in everything we do.   

  • Since God created each of us to live out our Purpose and Calling to love Him and serve others in everything we do by walking as Jesus did in the power and direction of the Holy Spirit, the goal of all of our ministries is to help each GCDC Disciple become the unique and fully developed active Disciple that God has created them to be. 


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Marriage Counseling

Marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation upon which God established and replenished the Earth.  It is the greatest evidence of Jesus' love for His Church that is exhibited on the Earth through a loving husband and a respectful wife. 

Marriage Counseling helps a man and a woman both before and after they are married to live out their Ministry of Marriage according to God's Word, Will and Way.

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5 Stones

When David faced the giant Goliath, he first gathered 5 smooth stones and put them into his shepherd's bag to be used according to God's Will to defeat Goliath. 

Our 5 Stones Ministry seeks to equip every Disciple with the 5 Stones of Spiritual Maturity, Emotional Health, Financial Wisdom, Physical Fitness, and Relational Connection to defeat the giants that each of us will face as Disciples of Christ.

Volunteer Groups

GCDC believes in sowing into God's Kingdom through giving our Time, Talent and Treasure to God in everything that we do both inside and outside GCDC. 

We seek out volunteer opportunities to help our neighbors around The Hill and in the greater Toledo area through our volunteer service opportunities to spread God's Word through Selfless Service.

Kid's Ministry

Our Kid's Ministry helps our youth to grow in their knowledge, understanding and relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through biblical instruction, assignments, fellowship, and discussions at their level to help them be the awesome kids that God is equipping to lead His Kingdom both now and in the future. 

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Wounded Healers
Healing Care Group

Wounded Healers Healing Care Group is a ministry of support and encouragement for spiritual, relational, and emotional healing. The purpose of this ministry is to provide individuals a safe place to heal and grow in relationship with Jesus in a confidential, small group setting.

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Pastoral & Elder Support

GCDC's UnderShepherd & Elders are anointed, appointed and called by God to provide assistance, support, encouragement, training and equipping through living as Jesus' Disciples and helping GCDC Disciples to the best of their ability to become the Kingdom Building Christian Disciples that God has created them to be.

We are Servants who Serve according to God's purpose and calling!

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